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-Freedom of the Press Declining in America

by Dr. D ~ February 13th, 2014

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US Drops to 46th in Press Freedom

There was a time when America was a bastion of freedom and represented truth and justice, through a free press but not so much anymore. In the “2014 World Press Freedom Index” the United States now ranks a dismal 46th out of the 180 countries surveyed when it comes to freedom of the press. Here’s the story from Breitbart:

According to Reporters Without Borders, America dropped 13 spots on the World Press Freedom Index 2014, designed to rank 180 countries in terms of the freedoms journalists enjoy and the regulations placed on them by government authorities.

The Index, published Feb. 11, shows that America now ranks number 46,…

According to Christophe Deloire, the Reporters Without Borders Secretary General, the World Freedom Index is based on seven criteria: the level of abuses, the extent of pluralism, media independence, the environment and self-censorship, the legislative framework, transparency and infrastructure.

Investigative journalist James Risen believes the Index rightly shows the drop in American journalists’ freedoms due to crackdowns on reporters and whistleblowers and the efforts of the Obama administration and the National Security Agency to limit the amount of information America has concerning the “War on Terror” and other subjects. …

“I think 2013 will go down in history as the worst year for press freedom in the United States modern history,” James Risen said.

Risen, who has reported for the New York Times since 1998, said he has personally felt some of the backlash of the guarded Obama administration and has seen some of his colleagues suffer repercussions as well. …

“We have an administration that came in claiming that it was going to be the most transparent in history when in fact it is one of the most secretive in history, and certainly the most aggressive anti-press administration in modern American history,” Risen said.

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Response: This is not all that surprising to those of us who search the world news daily and find that some of the most important stories are either underreported or misrepresented by the American press.

In so many ways the American media have become shills and spokespeople for the current President and his administration. In times past, the media would have hounded out controversial stories like ‘Benghazi’, ‘Fast and Furious’ and the antics of the Justice department and the IRS. However this generation of left-leaning reporters seems more interested in keeping the lid on an administration they substantially agree with and support rather than doing their jobs by exposing the truth.

If any of the current controversies had happened during the Bush years you can bet that every fact would have been explored, hammered out, and presented in excruciating detail. But this is a president and an administration that reflects the liberal bias of most of the media even if it is ironically among the most closed and worst ever when it comes to being forth coming and open with the press. One wonders when the American media will finally get tired of being used as a propaganda arm by this administration?

Apparently the media is still on board with this President. Case in point: This last week a report from the CBO (non-partisan Congressional Budget Office) estimated that over 2 million jobs would be lost due to the roll out of Obamacare. Incredibly the President framed this bad news as a positive by proclaiming that over 2 million folks would be free to pursue other interests rather than being tied to an oppressive job. It sounded ridiculous to me but last weekend every media show followed suit proclaiming the ‘good news.’ So much for an independent free press in America 2014.            *Top

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