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-British Columbia,Canada: Birth Certificate Lists 3 Parents?

by Dr. D ~ February 12th, 2014

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Under a new law in the Canadian province of British Columbia up to four ‘parents’ can be listed on a birth certificate. Here’s the story of the first official baby with more than two from the Blaze:

Amid an ongoing push to make family structures more fluid, a baby in Vancouver, Canada, is reportedly the first child in British Columbia to be granted three legal parents under a new law in the province that allows for up to four legal guardians.

The three individuals — a lesbian couple and their male friend — were able to become official parents to Della Wolf Kangro Wiley Richards without any litigation under the new Family Law Act that was passed last year, …

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Response: Family structures in the future under this kind of law may be so fluid that they have no real special identity at all. This is where the redefinition of marriage is taking us eventually- to the redefinition of what constitutes a legal family? Under this new law polygamy and polyamory could fit rather well into future legal family structures.

It is very difficult at this juncture to identify all of the possible complications that this might bring into the life of a growing child. Two natural parent homes are complicated enough then add a step parent or half sibling to the household and different problems always arise. With three legal parents there are no precedence or wisdom from the past that can be brought to bear on any conflicts or disagreements in the future. Raising a child in the 21st century is difficult enough under normal conditions. The one positive I do see in this situation is that the child will have some male influence in her life.although how much is questionable since the two ‘mothers’ will be the primary caregivers in this case.

Will the male third party really have any say or any real influence in the life of the child? Time will tell. If the 3 official parents continue to work well together for the sake of this baby and continue to be in her life growing up than it might work out.

However if there is any major disagreements over how the child should be raised (and under normal conditions there always are) how will those conflicts be resolved? One can envision a case in the future under this law in British Columbia where one or more parents sue the others over a child. Hopefully that will not be the future for this baby who has entered a brave new world in Vancouver, B.C.                *Top

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