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-To Cross or Not to Cross?

by Dr. D ~ February 7th, 2014

To cross or not to cross? The Los Angeles County Supervisors have decided to cross the ACLU by putting a cross back into the county seal that contains meaningful representations of historical icons from the past.

For years the Los Angeles County seal has included a representation of the San Gabriel Mission. But what is a mission without a cross? After all, have you ever seen the San Gabriel Mission without a cross? What was left was a square non-descript building in the seal that no one could identify. So recently the Supervisors voted to put a cross back on top of the mission where it historically belongs.

FILE - This file combination image shows the former Los Angeles County Seal, left, and a redesign that was approved in 2004 that does not contain the image of a cross. Los Angeles County is restoring a cross to its official seal, nearly a decade after one was removed from the original design. County supervisors voted 3-2 on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014, to put a cross atop the seal's depiction of the historic San Gabriel Mission. (AP Photo/County of Los Angeles, File)

Now lawsuits are flying once more from the ACLU and some supposed unidentified ‘religious’ leaders. Somehow putting the cross back on a historical representation of the San Gabriel Mission is a violation of Church & State? Somehow a representation of the past showing that the area had its origins in the founding of missions according to the ACLU and others: "favors the Christian religion over all other religions and divides County residents by religion and by adherence or non-adherence to religious beliefs."

<Read the whole LA Times article>

Response: The fact is that the LA basin was originally settled by natives and no one is disputing the ‘spiritual’ native representation right in the center of the seal. Since it is front and center maybe the seal is really ‘establishing’ native spirituality and religion over all others?

The Spanish came into the area with the building of Christian missions and founded Los Angeles and many communities in Southern California. Most of the names had religious connotations including Los Angeles and San Gabriel so maybe they should change the names of the cities and the county also if the Christian origins are sooooo very offensive. Regardless, taking the cross off an historical representation of a Christian mission is ridiculous and offensive all by itself. Either put it back on the building or take it out entirely.             *Top

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