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-Syrian Christian Leaders Call On Obama to Stop Supporting Islamist Rebels

by Dr. D ~ February 4th, 2014

Flag-map of Syria

         (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a story that most of the Obama supporting US media will not print or air. Incredibly it is from Time.com. Christian leaders from Syria have come to America to plead with President Obama and his administration to stop supporting the radical Jihadi rebels who are killing and persecuting Christians and destroying Christian villages and churches in the Syrian civil war. Here’s the Time story:

The stories told by five top Syrian Christian leaders about the horrors their churches are experiencing at the hands of Islamist extremists are biblical in their brutality. …

The bishops’ stories are difficult to independently verify, and the war’s death toll goes far beyond just Christian communities in Syria–more than 130,000 people have been killed since the fighting began, and at least two million others have fled the country. But they are emerging as part of a concerted push by Syrian Christians to get the U.S. to stop its support for rebel groups fighting Syrian president Bashar al Assad. “The US must change its politics and must choose the way of diplomacy and dialogue, not supporting rebels and calling them freedom fighters,” says Nalbandian.

The group is the first delegation of its kind to visit Washington since the crisis began three years ago, and its five members represent key different Christian communities in the country.

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Response: This is a no win situation and one Middle East mess we should have stayed out of. Assad’s regime is one of the worst but the Radical Islamists who are fighting him may even be worse.

How can we support Islamist rebel leaders that have made it plain that they will not tolerate democracy but plan to establish a totalitarian Islamic government which will not be friendly to the USA and our policies? Also a new regime which would offer even less rights and safety but more persecution for Christians?            *Top

HT: Atlas Shrugs

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