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-Afghanistan: Now We Have Become the Russians?

by Dr. D ~ February 3rd, 2014

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (June 13, 2010) — Afghan...

        (President  Karzai: Wikipedia)

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said over the weekend that it would have been better if the American and British troops never came to his country. Basically he’s saying that it is time for us to leave and I certainly agree.

The same thing happened to the Russians years ago when they were trying to save a communist puppet government in the late 1970’s and a century or so ago to the colonial British when they sent an army to support regime change in the ruling of Afghanistan. It always begins with the in-coming army being hailed as saviors against some oppressive Afghan leadership and ends with the entire country unified and up in arms against the ‘outsiders.’

In this case we saved the Afghans from the severe rule of the Taliban but now 13 years later we have become the enemy and President Karzai is calling the Taliban ‘brothers.’ So we have come full circle and it is time to leave before the entire Afghan population rises up in unity against us. It is only a matter of time if you follow Afghan history and it will not end well for us.

Somebody needs to till President Obama that it is time to go. Make no mistake this is now his war and the one he politically chose as the ‘moral’ one over Iraq. It was under Obama that the troops increased from a support force to over a hundred thousand. Now like the Russians and the colonial British before us, we are becoming the enemy of the Afghan people at least from their perspective. Now even those like Karzai who we helped to put in power want us to go. Not only that, there are now current members of the Afghani Parliament openly and publically calling for jihad against the USA.

The hand writing is on the wall and our stubborn President needs to listen and respond to the Afghan people and leadership right now and not later before thousands more of our young men are killed in a hopeless war where nobody wants us anymore. Time to pray for our leaders to have the moral courage to pack it in but especially time to pray for our young men and women still serving in that unforgiving land.            *Top

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