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-Philippines: Peace Accord Between Government and Islamic Radicals Will Put Christians Under Sharia?

by Dr. D ~ January 31st, 2014

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Here’s a news story you probably haven’t heard or read about in the Western press. The Philippine government is signing a peace agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) which will give autonomous control of the Southern Philippine Bangsamoro region to the Islamic radicals and could result in sharia law being established over that area.

Christians living in that portion of the Philippines are concerned about what that will mean for their future. Here’s the story from the VOM Persecution Blog:

It is uncertain how this peace agreement will ultimately affect Christians, who will be subject to the new laws of Bangsamoro. It is suspected that Islamic law, known as Sharia, could be implemented at some point in the future. Rebel troops will no longer fear interference from the government, and Christians living in Muslim-controlled villages may face even more restrictions and harsher persecution.  …

Unfortunately, this is not the sort of peace that Christians in the Bangsamoro area ever wanted. It is an agreement that will likely invite a wave of new persecution. Pray for believers living in the southern region of the Philippines.

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Response: Peace finally coming to that area after over 40 years and a 150,000 deaths is good for sure. But the establishment of an Islamic autonomous state in the Southern Philippines with different laws will bring all sorts of potential problems and unresolved conflicts in the future. See how this has worked out for Nigeria which allowed sharia law to take over the northern part of that country. Meanwhile the Muslim radicals keep on attacking the Christians in the south.

The thousands of Christians living in Bangsamoro are rightfully concerned about their rights, safety, and future after the government relinquishes control and the Islamic radicals rule autonomously under some form of  Islamic law.            *Top

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2 Responses to -Philippines: Peace Accord Between Government and Islamic Radicals Will Put Christians Under Sharia?

  1. Brian

    As always, Dr. D, it is even worse:

    (A) The US Government has pressed for a treaty. Sec. of State John Kerry praised the Philippines “for concluding negotiations toward an historic, comprehensive peace agreement.”

    (b) And the reaction from the Islamic terrorists? One of their leaders told the press, on Saturday that: ” “What we want is an Islamic state, an Islamic people, an Islamic constitution.”

  2. Dr. D

    Incredible! Everything this administration supports seems to end up being worse for Christians and better for Islamic radicals.

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