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-Palestine Foreign Minister: We Will ‘Never’ Accept Israel

by Dr. D ~ January 21st, 2014

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The foreign minister of the Palestinian Authority made it very clear that his people would never accept the Jewish state of Israel. Here’s the story from The Blaze:

The foreign minister for the Palestinian Authority says Palestinians will “never accept under any circumstances” the idea that Israel is a Jewish state, negating the 3,000 year Jewish connection with the Holy Land.

Foreign Minister Riad Malki, in an interview with the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat characterized the Israeli government demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state as the most intractable issue facing the current round of peace talks sponsored by Secretary of State John Kerry.  …

“This is a sharply contentious issue. It would be dangerous to recognize this because this would mean our acceptance of the dissolution of our own history and ties and our historic right to Palestine,” Malki said.

“This is something that we will never accept under any circumstances. Acceptance of this would also raise fears about the fate of the 1.8 million Palestinians living in Israel. They are already second-class citizens, so how will they be affected by the Judaization of the state? This also raises questions about the [Palestinian] refugees and the right of return. So this is something that we absolutely cannot accept,” he added

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Response: So the Palestinians will never recognize the Jewish state of Israel? This is not new and everyone knows this except the US and Euro diplomats.  It is quite obvious that the Palestinians never intend on recognizing Israel as a legal entity nor the Jewish state’s right to even exist. Yet that recognition is a necessary cornerstone of any and every effort to bring peace between the two people. Without it a de facto state of war will continue to exist.

In the past the Palestinian leader Arafat was offered statehood and 95% of the territory they were negotiating for but turned it all down over the issue of recognizing the state of Israel and establishing a regular diplomatic relationship.

US Sec. Kerry is attempting another deal but the sticking point as usual is recognition of Israel. The reality is that this will never be solved unless a powerful world leader arises and forces the Palestinians to accept the concessions. For such a scenario to work the powerful leader would also by necessity be a Muslim that is respected by all parties and factions in the Middle East. Then I fear that any Muslim leader that powerful might also have the title of Caliph and later another title- ‘The Anti-Christ.’            *Top

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1 Response to -Palestine Foreign Minister: We Will ‘Never’ Accept Israel

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