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-Federal Judge Strikes Down Oklahoma Marriage Amendment

by Dr. D ~ January 16th, 2014

Flag-map of Oklahoma

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One Judge just nullified the vote of 76% of the citizens of Oklahoma who favored traditional marriage. Here’s the story from the Baptist Press:

A federal judge has again overturned the definition of marriage affirmed by voters in one of the country’s most conservative states.
Oklahoma is the latest state to see its voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to a man and a woman suffer a legal setback. Ruling Tuesday (Jan. 14) from the United States District Court in Tulsa, Terence Kern struck down the state’s constitutional amendment, which citizens passed in 2004 with a 76 percent majority.
If Kern’s ruling stands, Oklahoma will be the 19th state in the country to have legal same-sex marriage.
The Oklahoma amendment, which bars same-sex marriages, violates the equal protection rights in the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment, Kern ruled.

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Response: Another example of the growing problem of judicial tyranny in America.

If the left can’t get their progressive agenda passed by a vote of the people or in a legislative body then it is becoming an all too common practice to find one liberal judge to give them what they want even in the face of tremendous opposition by the voters and the citizens of a state or the whole nation.

Oklahoma is the latest to fall but none of this will really be resolved until the US Supreme Court finally has the guts to take one of these major cases working their way through the federal judicial system and make a ruling that is large enough to finally bring some order to this re-definition of marriage business. 

Personally I no longer have any hope that I will be happy with their final decision. Now the issue that bothers me the most is the total disregard for the wishes and vote of the people. Between the activist judicial rulings of late and the on-going growth of presidential executive orders, I am wondering if the original revolution of 1776 has now been over-turned by the politicians, power brokers, progressive activists and bureaucrats? Do the citizens really still have representation in this country? If the vote of millions can be set aside by one judge and if the president can disregard the Congress and continue to rule by executive fiat then one truly wonders.            *Top

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