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-California Grants Illegal Immigrant a Law License

by Dr. D ~ January 3rd, 2014

English: Seal of the Supreme Court of California

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The California Supreme Court ruled yesterday (!/2/14) that an illegal immigrant that passed the California Bar should be granted a law license and be allowed to practice law in the state. Here’s the story from Fox news:

The California Supreme Court granted a law license Thursday to a man who has lived in the U.S. illegally for two decades, a ruling that advocates hope will open the door to millions of immigrants seeking to enter other professions such as medicine, accounting and teaching.

The unanimous decision means Sergio Garcia, who attended law school and passed the state bar exam while working in a grocery store and on farms, can begin practicing law immediately.

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Response: We used to be a nation of laws but no more. I can cite numerous occasions and situations in the last several years where federal and state leaders have chosen to ignore or break inconvenient laws without any consequence whatsoever.

In this case the state of California opposed the Federal government and a federal law baring illegal immigrants from obtaining professional licenses from government agencies. However the state legislature voted an exemption and Governor Brown supported it.

Meanwhile it is doubtful that the Obama administration will take the case to another level and neither will any other state official that might have legal standing so it appears to be fait accompli. Next on the California progressive agenda is to ‘officially’ allow illegal immigrants to vote. Many already are even though it is technically against the law since the state does not require any form of identification or proof of citizenship.            *Top

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