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-Obama Administration Doubles Down on HHS Contraceptive Mandate

by Dr. D ~ January 2nd, 2014

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On New Years Day the Obama administration chose to issue a response supporting the HHS Contraceptive/Abortifacient Mandate even in face of the decision by SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor to block it’s scheduled implementation.

Here’s the story from the Politico:

The Obama administration Wednesday said the Affordable Care Act contraceptive coverage regulations are fair – and they don’t really hurt the Denver-based religious organization that got a temporary New Year’s Eve reprieve from Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

“We defer to the Department of Justice on litigation matters, but remain confident that our final rules strike the balance of providing women with free contraceptive coverage while preventing non-profit religious employers with religious objections to contraceptive coverage from having to contract, arrange, pay, or refer for such coverage,” a White House official said.

This case involves religiously-affiliated groups. The court has already agreed to hear in 2014 challenges to the law involving two private for profit businesses with owners who oppose contraception on religious grounds.

<Read the whole article>

Response: So the Obama administration starts the new year by doubling down on their HHS mandate even in face of all of the recent losses in court cases and Justice Sotomayor injunction? The Obama administration just does not get it or really doesn’t care about religious freedom and religious conscience in face of their understanding of a progressive ‘greater good.’

It has been my contention all along that this president and his administration have been the worst ever when it comes to religious freedom and are actively trying to re-interpret the 1st Amendment to be applicable only within the very narrow confines and four walls of a religious worship center. Hopefully the HHS Mandate will finally be defeated once and for all this year and we will dodge a major bullet against religious freedom in our land.              *Top

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