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-Trayvon Martin Replaces Jesus in Church Nativity Scene?

by Dr. D ~ December 30th, 2013


                                               (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frankly this reminds me of some of the atheist attempts to hijack Christmas but it actually is brought to us by Claremont United Methodist Church in California.

In the church’s nativity display this year the baby Jesus was replaced by a depiction of a wounded Trayvon Martin. Here’s the story from the LA Times:

On the lawn of a Claremont church, just like at many churches at this time of year, cutouts of wise men on camelback head toward a makeshift stable, a meager wooden structure where Mary and Joseph have huddled inside.

But instead of an infant Jesus cradled in his mother’s arms, the Nativity at Claremont United Methodist Church — the creation of congregant and artist John Zachary — features a depiction of Trayvon Martin slumped over in his hoodie, a pool of his blood spreading over a bed of straw.

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Response: Here’s a good question- What or who can really replace Jesus? This is a time of year when the good news of the gift of God in his Son Jesus should be the primary emphasis of the season. This church has chosen to put a current controversial social justice issue above the very action that God himself initiated in history to offer change and salvation for  all humanity for all time and eternity.

This is not the first year that Claremont UMC has put up controversial thought provoking nativity scenes. On their church website there are pictures of their past Christmas displays.

However, the message of the coming of  God’s Son Jesus into the world is timeless and without it there wouldn’t even be a United Methodist Church in Claremont. I do believe that the church of Jesus Christ is called to be actively involved in social justice issues but they should never replace the primary message of the Gospel and the good news of  God’s gift of His Son Jesus in any time or season but particularly at Christmas.            *Top

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