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-Iraq: 34 Christians Killed in Bomb Attacks on Christmas

by Dr. D ~ December 27th, 2013

An enlargeable relief map of Iraq

                           (Map of Iraq: Wikipedia)

It was another bloody Christmas for Christians in Bagdad, Iraq. At least 34 were killed in bomb attacks on Christmas Day according to Reuters:

At least 34 people were killed in three bombings in Christian areas of Baghdad on Wednesday, including a car bomb that exploded as worshippers were leaving a Christmas service, Iraqi police and medics said.  …

The day’s deadliest incident occurred in the Doura district of southern Baghdad when the car bomb went off as Christians were emerging from a Christmas mass, killing at least 24 people.

Shortly before, two bombs in a crowded market in a separate, mostly Christian area of Doura killed another 10 people.

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Response: It is becoming a tradition to attack Christians and churches in the Middle East on Christmas. Fortunately the violence was limited this time since Egyptian authorities and Pakistani police protected churches in their respective countries.

In other nations like radical Muslim dominated Somalia, Christians were not allowed to even hold services or openly celebrate. The same goes for Saudi Arabia where it is always against the law to hold public Christian celebrations or worship service. 

Meanwhile, thousands of Christians faced Christmas on the run having left their homes and villages which were under attack by Islamist radicals fighting the Syrian regime.

Those of us in America and the West should remember our Christian brothers and sister during this season. remember the Orthodox celebration of Christmas is still ahead, January 7, when many middle eastern Christians actually celebrate the birth of Jesus.             *Top

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1 Response to -Iraq: 34 Christians Killed in Bomb Attacks on Christmas

  1. -Al Qaeda Militants Capture Fallujah | ANSWERS For The Faith

    […] Meanwhile the most important story coming out of Iraq for the purposes of this website is the continuing and recent persecution of Christians in that country. When the American forces went into Iraq in 2003 there was over a million Christians living in peace in Iraq and now there are only a couple hundred thousand or so left living in constant fear. During this Christmas season the Christians remaining in Iraq were afraid to outwardly celebrate Christmas and their fears were realized with several bombings that killed 34 Christians on Christmas Day. […]

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