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-Iraqi Christians Are Afraid to Celebrate Christmas

by Dr. D ~ December 17th, 2013

Iraqi Prime Minister in the Flag

    (Iraqi Prime Minister in the Flag: Truthout.org)

Christians in Iraq are now afraid to openly celebrate Christmas in 2013. Read this report from ASSIST News Service:

Violence-Weary Iraqi Christians Can’t Celebrate Christmas in Peace

Response: There was a time when there were over one million Christians in Iraq and they were free to decorate their homes with lights and Christmas trees and attend special Christmas services at church. That was before the American military defeated Saddam Hussein who, say what you want about the evil dictator, kept order in the country and protected the Christian community and others from Muslim radicals.

Now there are only 330,000 Christians left in Iraq due to violence and persecution and some church leaders wonder if any will be left in 10 years or so. Incredibly most left while the American army was in charge of the country. Ironically the American policy not to go out of the way to protect Christians, lest they be viewed as ‘crusaders’ against Islam, resulted in and contributed to an environment that saw hundreds of thousands kicked out of their homes by radical Muslims with no authority willing to protect them.

Now those who are left live in fear and poverty and they are even afraid to attend Christmas services this year due to threats from Islamic radicals. Meanwhile they really do not have an advocate in the Iraqi government and most of the time local authorities and police refuse to protect the Christian community from the radical Islamists. Now is a good time, during this Christmas season, to remember our Iraqi brothers and sisters in prayer.             *Top

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