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-Albert Mohler: “A Moral Revolution at Warp Speed”

by Dr. D ~ December 12th, 2013

English: Al Mohler, President of Southern Bapt...

                    ( Dr. Al Mohler, President of S B T S: Wikipedia)

Here a link to Dr. Albert Mohler’s take on the recent judicial decision ordering a baker in Colorado to make wedding cakes for same-sex marriages. Well worth reading:

A Moral Revolution at Warp Speed—Now, It’s Wedding Cakes

Six months. That’s how long it took to get from the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act to the decision of a Colorado judge ordering a Christian baker to make a cake for a same-sex ceremony. Just six months.  …

… The momentum of this revolution is breathtaking, and its threat to religious liberty is plain for all to see.

<Read the whole article>

Here’s a link to our own post several days ago on this same issue:

-Colorado: Judge Orders Baker to Serve Same-Sex Ceremonies

*Note: Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. is president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary                    *Top

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