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-Church of England: Homophobia No but Traditional Marriage Yes

by Dr. D ~ December 11th, 2013

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The Church of England plans to ‘Repent’ of Homophobia, but nevertheless contends that the traditional church teaching on marriage Is not ‘homophobic.’

Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

The Church of England said it would "repent" for its previous homophobia in a major new report on human sexuality, but rejected the idea that traditional teachings on marriage should be seen as homophobic.  …

…the House of Bishops report promises to take homophobia as a serious matter, and recommends that the church "repents" for such attitudes. It insists, however, that the church’s traditional teachings on marriage and sexuality should not be taken as an example of homophobia.

The document further reflects that a traditional stance on marriage is challenged in a number of parts in the world, and that younger people are more likely to be more accepting of same-sex attractions, but that should not be enough to change church teachings on the matter.

"The whole Church is called to real repentance for the lack of welcome and acceptance extended to homosexual people in the past, and to demonstrate the unconditional acceptance and love of God in Christ for all people,"

<Read the whole article>

Response: We have always stood for traditional Christian marriage on this site. We have also always contended and taught that Christians should treat others with love and consideration regardless of their sexuality. This is what the CoE bishops are trying to deal with in this study. Also it is our belief that one can support traditional Christian marriage and yet not be homophobic. The proof is in how one truly treats others. The Church of England is supporting that view here in their study.            *Top

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