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-Who Needs Christ During Christmas? Everyone!

by Dr. D ~ December 6th, 2013

The American Atheists have made a habit out of attacking Christianity at Christmas but I do believe that this year’s rendition is the worst ever.  The following is their  latest anti-Christmas billboard erected this week in New York City’s Times Square — a huge 40? by 40? display:


(photo credit: American Atheists)

Response: Who needs Christ at Christmas? Everyone!

Of all of the different attacks upon Christmas over the years this one brought on an entirely different response- I was saddened. The Story of the birth of Jesus is a major part of the celebration this time of the year for our family and without it there would be no real reason to celebrate.

The Communists tried for nearly two generations to take Christ out of Christmas in Russia and Eastern Europe but since the fall of the Communist governments there has been a resurgence of bringing Christ and the Nativity along with the church back into the season. Regardless of the well funded campaigns of the American Atheists there is no possible way to really eradicate the real Christmas story and message of Christmas:

Peace on earth and Goodwill to all! —

In the name of Jesus Christ who was God’s gift to the world and brings abundant blessings in this life and the promise of eternal life to come for all who believe in Him. The real Christmas story still brings Joy to the World and a promise of better things to come.           *Top

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