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-Polio on the Rise in Muslim Countries

by Dr. D ~ December 4th, 2013

Flag map of Pakistan

(Pakistan: Wikipedia)

Polio had nearly been eradicated world wide but now it is on the rise once more in Muslim countries due to wars and fatwas from radical Muslim leaders against immunizations. Pakistan is a case in point, here’s a quote from an RNS news report:

In Pakistan’s Northwest territories, where Taliban clerics have significant influence, polio vaccination teams are maligned as un-Islamic or Western purveyors of poison meant to sterilize Muslim women.  …

This week, militants in northwestern Pakistan kidnapped 11 teachers involved in a polio vaccination campaign. …

The United Nations in Pakistan pulled its staff involved in immunization from Pakistan after three eradication workers were shot in Peshawar and two of them were killed, in 2012. Since then, more vaccine teams have been targeted.

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Response: This is a case where ignorance and radical Islam are working together to spread disease and death. One is tempted to say that they can have polio if they want it so badly. However, hundreds of innocent children are affected by the ignorant decisions of their religious leaders. Also Pakistanis and Muslims from other infected countries travel all over the world and bring their diseases with them so potentially bring it right into our own country and our major cities.              *Top

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