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-ACLU Sues Catholic Bishops For Forbidding Abortions at Catholic Hospitals

by Dr. D ~ December 3rd, 2013


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The ACLU is suing the U.S. Catholic bishops for forbidding abortions at Catholic hospitals. here’s the story from LifeSite News:

On Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) opened a new front in the culture wars with a lawsuit against the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) alleging that the USCCB’s directives prohibiting abortions in Catholic hospitals are equal to medical negligence.

The lawsuit focuses on the case of Tamesha Means, who in 2010 was brought to Mercy Health Partners, a Catholic-affiliated hospital in Muskegon County, Michigan after her water broke at 18 weeks. …

… it claims, the hospital was prevented from treating Means in the proper way. Because Means’ baby was pre-term, inducing labor would have virtually ensured the death of the child.

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Response: You would think that an organization that has ‘civil liberties’ as part of its name would be supporters of religious liberty and religious conscience but you would be wrong when it comes to the ACLU and abortion rights.

This is a tragic case but it is obvious that ACLU lawyers have been waiting for something like this to be used as a wedge in challenging the church’s abortion policy. If the lawsuit was only about this particular case they would be suing the hospital where it actually happened. But this really all about challenging the church and pitting religious rights up against abortion under the guise of proper medical care.

Obviously from the ACLU perspective ‘abortion rights’ trumps religious liberty. If they are successful then churches and religious organizations who do not support abortion may be forced to get out of the hospital or medical facility business.

There was a time in America when abortion was considered to be ‘unethical.’ But now  our culture has changed so much that a church is being sued because it opposes abortion in its own medical facilities for religious reasons? Incredible when you consider that it has taken the ACLU years to find the needed exception- a worthy case of ‘medical negligence’ that might actually get it done and overcome the First Amendment when it comes to abortion.              *Top 

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3 Responses to -ACLU Sues Catholic Bishops For Forbidding Abortions at Catholic Hospitals

  1. Shirley

    You are wrong on a couple counts. This is not about abortion policy, per se. It is about the growing concern of American citizens whose secular hospitals are being merged with Catholic organizations like PeaceHealth, Mercy and Fransiscan. The Ethical and Religious Directives for Health Care Services prohibits many services that are fundamental human rights and people are needlessly dying or forced to suffer because of it. This specific case has nothing to do with abortion, as the fetus spontaneously aborted before its breech delivery. The hospital — the only one in the county in which the woman lives — sent her home twice with no more than pain meds. No hospital staff said anything to the woman about what was happening to her. They allowed her to suffer and neglected to tell her her life was in danger. If this is not medical negligence to you, then please tell me what is. You’re doing a great disservice to people by not telling them more than one side of a story when you publish timely news stories. I realize this is a religious site, but if you lack empathy and compassion and turn a blind eye to the facts of something like this, can you call yourself a follower of Christ?

  2. Shirley

    I should have said that the woman claimed that no hospital staff said anything to her about what was happening. and that they allowed her to suffer and tell her her life was in jeopardy. These are her words, not mine and not the ACLU’s.

  3. Dr. D

    Thanks Shirley for your perspective. However the lawsuit is all about the Catholic abortion policy and church directives which may not have been even adequately and compassionately followed in this situation and this horrific case is being used by the ACLU to attack it regardless. My point is that the hospital and the staff where this happened should be sued for their obvious negligence and they should specifically be held accountable.

    Since the ACLU has chosen to sue the church instead only shows that they really don’t really care about this specific situation and the terrible treatment the woman received but have ulterior motives in taking this to another level entirely. This woman was treated badly but this the case they have been waiting for to use merely as sympathetic window dressing in order to push a pro-abortion agenda.

    Your own comments: “The Ethical and Religious Directives for Health Care Services prohibits many services that are fundamental human rights and people are needlessly dying or forced to suffer because of it.” are laced with jingoistic propaganda that does not reflect the truth about the directives. To state that “people are needlessly dying” is an over the top falsehood and the “fundamental human rights”’ in this case are all about abortion. Nevertheless, one of your characterizations was correct in this specific case since the woman was apparently ‘forced to suffer because of it.’

    It is my sense that the directives were imperfectly and callously applied and real negligence was the result. Those involved should be held accountable. You can bet that the church leaders are looking at this case in order to avoid situations like this in the future. They view their hospitals as a ministry to help people and obviously the woman in this case was treated badly with little compassion and with real negligence.

    Nevertheless I stand by my contention that the ACLU is using this woman and specific case to further their own progressive pro-abortion agenda.

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