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-Polls: Most Americans Oppose HHS Contraceptive Mandate

by Dr. D ~ December 2nd, 2013

Stop President Obama's HHS Mandate

                           (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

According to two polls a majority of Americans oppose the Obama administration’s HHS Contraceptive Mandate. Here’s the story from CitizenLink:

Two polls show that most Americans oppose the government mandate requiring most business and nonprofit employers to offer potential abortion-inducing drugs in their employee health plans.

WPA Opinion Research found that 59 percent of likely American voters do not support the Health and Human Services mandate.  A Rasmussen survey shows that 51 percent disagree with it.

The Obama administration required most for-profit businesses to comply by August of last year. Nonprofits — many of which are faith-based — have a “safe-harbor” until January.

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Response: It is really good news that Americans are finally understanding the truth about the Mandate. The MSM have distorted the news over this issue following the administration’s pronouncement that it was all about a ‘war on women.’ Even last week Valerie Jarrett was still making this false claim that it was all about businesses and organizations trying to “to limit women’s legal access to care” and contraceptives. When the truth is that it is really about getting ‘free’ contraceptives and abortifacients and making businesses and organizations pay for it all regardless of their religious convictions and conscience.

Most Americans accepted the administrations view all way through the election last year. But now the light is finally shining on the dark side of Obamacare and the truth is finally getting through.            *Top

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