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-UK: Gay Rights Trump Christian B&B Owners in Supreme Court Appeal

by Dr. D ~ November 30th, 2013


(UK Supreme Court building: d-notice)

A Christian couple who owned a bed and breakfast and refused to allow a homosexual couple to stay in their residence has lost their appeal to Britain’s Supreme Court.

The couple protested that their religious conscience would not allow them to serve unmarried heterosexuals also so it wasn’t a case where they singled out gay couples. Nevertheless the court ruled against them. Here’s the story from LifeSite News:

Peter and Hazelmary Bull, the Christian hoteliers fined for refusing a single room to two homosexual men in September 2008, have lost their appeal to the UK’s Supreme Court, with the court ruling that their company policy was “discriminatory.”

Despite the fact that the couple proved that their policy applied equally to any unmarried couples, and not just homosexuals, all five judges ruled the Bulls’ policy to be a case of illegal discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, and dismissed their appeal. Two of the judges said the discrimination was “indirect,” but unjustified.

The elderly couple said they were “deeply disappointed and saddened” at the decision that has “reinforced the notion that gay rights must trump everything else.”

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Response: This is a case where gay civil rights have been shown to ‘trump’ religious freedom and conscience in the UK. In this situation the Christian couple ended up being persecuted and eventually had to sell their home and business and now their faith has been declared a ‘secondary’ civil right in UK’s highest court. Is this where we are headed in America?

There are many indications and similar lawsuits pending in the USA. However here freedom of religion is Constitutionally based. Nevertheless lower courts have already ruled in favor of promoting a primacy of homosexual rights over religious freedom and conscience in a number of cases.  Eventually the SCOTUS will need to rule on this same issue.            *Top

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