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-Supreme Court Orders Obama Admin Response to Immigrant ‘Homeschool’ case

by Dr. D ~ November 25th, 2013

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The US Supreme Court has ordered for the Obama Justice Dept’s official response to a petition from a German immigrant family that wants to stay in the US.

Originally the family was granted asylum in 2010 by an immigration judge in Tennessee but that decision was appealed by the Obama Administration and the Sixth Circuit Court upheld the administration so the family appealed to the Supreme Court. Here’s the story from LifeSite News:

The U.S. Supreme Court ordered Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday to respond to the Home School Legal Defense Association’s petition on behalf of the Romeike family, a German homeschooling family who fled to the United States to avoid persecution just because they homeschooled their children.

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Response: This is an interesting case on several different levels. First of all this is a German immigrant Christian family who came to the USA in order to escape persecution and have the right to homeschool and teach their own children which remains illegal in Germany.

In nearly all situations the Obama administration has gone out of its way to allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country but has pulled out all stops to get this ‘legal’ immigrant family declared ‘illegal’ and then expelled from the country.The hypocrisy of it all is astounding.

Why do they oppose this one family?

Homeschooling and religious freedom are the major reasons the Romeike family came to the USA from Germany in the first place. So on one hand it is a messy foreign policy situation with lot’s of pressure coming from the German government to force the family back to Germany. Then there are some in the Obama administration who oppose homeschooling in this country which is one of the reasons that the family’s legal team is being supplied by the HSLDA. Also this administration is consistently weak when it comes to parental rights. Plus it is probably the worst administration ever when it comes to religious freedom issues. Point is, there are many different potential levels to this administration’s opposition to this one Christian immigrant family.

So there are 12-20 million or so illegals right now in America that this administration is trying to find a way to keep legally while they do everything they can to get rid of this one ‘legal’ Christian family.  Fortunately at least some on the Supreme Court are interested in the administration’s official answers to why.             *Top

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