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-While Obama Administration Negotiates the Iranian Supreme Leader Plans ‘Annihilation’ for Israel

by Dr. D ~ November 21st, 2013

English: TEHRAN. With Ayatollah Sayed Ali Kham...

                        (Ayatollah Khamenei: Wikipedia)

While the Obama administration is seeking a détente and Secretary Kerry is negotiating with the Iranian government the Iranian Supreme Leader-  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a television speech to his troops talks about ‘Annihilation’ for Israel.  Here’s the story from Joel C. Rosenberg:

Khamenei took swipes at Israel and France during his speech to tens of thousands of volunteer Basij militiamen in Tehran, broadcast live on Iran’s Press TV.”

“Zionist officials cannot be called humans, they are like animals, some of them,” said Khamenei. “The Israeli regime is doomed to failure and annihilation,”

<Read the whole news report>

Response: This should be a dose of reality for those who believe the Iranian nuclear crisis can be solved through negotiations. The civilian government in Iran cannot and will not go against their ‘Supreme Leader’ and Khamenei has been quoted dozens of times in the last several years that Israel ‘must’ be destroyed and every Jew must be killed. This is why many believe that the so-called ‘negotiations’ are doomed to failure and leaders in France, Israel, and Saudi Arabia believe that it is not only a sham but dangerously similar to the efforts of Neville Chamberlain which brought us ‘peace in our time’ with Hitler just before WWII. In reality the treaty gave Hitler the time he needed to better prepare for war.           *Top

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