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-President Obama Chose to Omit ‘Under God’ When He Recited the Gettysburg Address

by Dr. D ~ November 20th, 2013

Yesterday was the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. In President Obama’s recitation of the address for that occasion he chose to omit the words “under God.” The words were not in the first drafts of the address but were contained in the final version signed by Lincoln. Also, reporters present on that occasion confirm that in the spoken version President Lincoln did included the words.

Nevertheless the FFRF has made an issue out of it (see yesterday’s post) and for some inexplicable reason President Obama also chose to leave them out. This is not the First time that this president has ignored God in his addresses. Last year he gave the first and only presidential message on Thanksgiving that failed to even mention God or even Divine providence. Also on several other occasions he left the Creator out of his quotations of the Declaration of Independence which demonstrates that he really has no real understanding of the document or the context in which it was given.

Now on a very special occasion this president chose to join the atheists in their favorite version of the address rather than following what President Lincoln actually said by all reports on that very day 150 years ago. One can only ask why?              *Top

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