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-A New Israeli-Saudi-French Front Against Iran?

by Dr. D ~ November 18th, 2013

King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz in 2002

        (Saudi King Abdullah:  Wikipedia)

Strange bedfellows indeed? Since President Obama and Secretary of  State Kerry seem convinced that Iran is serious about a detente with America a new trio of allies are forming to continue on as serious opposition to the Iranian nuclear program- Israel, Saudi Arabia, and France. Here’s the story from FrontPageMag:

Israel and Saudi Arabia are proving the old adage correct that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  The Iranian regime is their common enemy. Israel sees a nuclear armed Iran as an existential threat. Sunni Saudi Arabia worries that Shiite Iran with nuclear arms will be emboldened to threaten other Sunni Gulf governments and ultimately try to force its will on Saudi Arabia itself.

Thus, the Jewish state of Israel and the Islamic state of Saudi Arabia, certainly not friends in normal times, find themselves planning to join forces if necessary to stop Iran from crossing the nuclear arms finish line.  …

Israeli intelligence has concluded that the Obama Administration’s previous interim offer to Iran would only set back the Iranian nuclear program about 24 days. …

…France is now trying to decide whether to join the Israeli-Saudi opposition to the Obama administration’s half-baked efforts at détente with Iran.

French President Francois Hollande and Foreign Minister Laurent, who branded the deal originally offered to Iran a “sucker’s deal,” are in Israel this week to discuss possible alternative options in dealing with Iran.

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Response: For the first time in the entire existence of the State of Israel the United States is no longer the one ally that they can always count on. It is no secret that President Obama does not get along well with Israeli PM Netanyahu nor do they really trust one another. All to Iran’s advantage.

While Sec. Kerry is seeking ‘peace in our time’ with Iran, those who would be most affected if the whole thing went south and Iran became a new nuclear power- Israel and Saudi Arabia are forming a new improbable alliance at least in their opposition to Iran.

Meanwhile France would like to step into the void that the US has created with their current disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East and become Israel’s new ‘best friend’ and a the new top supplier of defensive weapons for Saudi Arabia.

Here are links to two more great articles worth reading on this subject by Joel C. Rosenberg:

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