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-Chaplains Sue VA Over Harassment and Attacks on Their Faith

by Dr. D ~ November 13th, 2013

                         (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two military chaplains are suing the VA over harassment and attacks on their Christian faith that they were forced to endure from a VA training supervisor.

From the Christian News Service:

A lawsuit filed Friday alleges that the leader of a San Diego-based Department of Veterans Affairs chaplain training program severely mocked two Christian participants because of their faith. One of the chaplains eventually left the program voluntarily because of the treatment; the program leader eventually ejected the other participant.

Military-Veterans Advocacy filed the suit against Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki on behalf of the Conservative Baptist Association of America, the organization that acted as an endorsing agent for the two chaplains.

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Response: It is amazing to me how many instances have surfaced in the last couple of years where the Christian faith has been under attack somewhere and in someway in the US military. Some are claiming that it is an environment brought on by the Obama administration’s negative view of conservative Christians as being part of the opposition to their progressive agenda.

In this case, chaplains are in the military in the first place to provide religious support for military personnel. Yet they are told by this supervisor that they cannot pray ‘in Jesus name’ while they are ministering to Christian VA patients? What is a person like that doing training folks for VA chaplain service in the first place?            *Top

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