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-Did a Lawyer Lose His License Due to His Pro-Life Advocacy?

by Dr. D ~ October 25th, 2013

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Did a lawyer who was also a former Attorney General in Kansas lose his law license due to his pro-life advocacy? That is the charge that some pro-life and Christian family groups are making. From Citizen Link:

In its decision Friday, a federal court suspended the law license of Phill Kline.

The former Kansas Attorney General investigated the nation’s largest abortion seller, and then faced backlash from political enemies and mainstream media outlets. …

Last year, a panel of the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator claimed that Kline breached the Rules of Professional Conduct in 10 instances.

“This case had nothing to do with the fair application of the Rules of Professional Conduct and everything to do with being politically correct on the issue of abortion,” Cody said. “The person responsible for initiating the campaign of harassment against Mr. Kline is now in our nation’s capital as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Shame on this Court and shame on Kathleen Sebelius.”

Here’s a link to the Kansas Supreme court decision in this case.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Christian family groups and pro-life advocates insist that this is a travesty and all about politics and abortion. Personally I don’t know enough about the ‘Rules of Professional Conduct’ for lawyers to make that judgment.

This case is interesting to me because if it is all about pro-family and pro-life advocacy then it is a demonstration of one of my greatest fears for the future of professional Christians in America. Already some Christian students are having difficulty in completing their studies in certain fields like Psychology and family counseling. There is also a number of questions being raised about the practice of medicine under Obamacare. Will pro-life doctors, nurses and allied health workers continue to be tolerated and their religious conscience honored or will they be subject to termination for choosing not to participate in abortions in the future?

What about lawyers who support Christian cases that are not now ‘politically correct?’ Will they need to be concerned about watching their backs and dotting every legal ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ or face losing their licenses due to unfair political actions against them in the future? Moreover, will conservative Christians in the future be blocked ‘a priory’ from some professions due to their beliefs?

Some may believe that these questions are unwarranted  and rather sensational. I do hope they are and not a portending of our future in America.            *Top

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