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-Hobby Lobby Asks SCOTUS to Rule on Its HHS Mandate Case

by Dr. D ~ October 24th, 2013

English: Hobby Lobby store in Stow, Ohio

                                        (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hobby Lobby has officially asked the Supreme Court to consider its appeal of the Obama administration HHS Mandate. Last month the Obama administration also asked the court to quickly consider the case. Here’s the story from the Becket Fund Website who is handling the case:

Washington, D.C. — Today, Hobby Lobby asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review its case and decide whether the Green family will be required to provide and pay for life-terminating drugs and devices in violation of their religious beliefs. Last month, the government asked the Supreme Court to review the case, and today Hobby Lobby took the unusual step of agreeing with the government that the Supreme Court should hear the appeal.

“Hobby Lobby’s case raises important questions about who can enjoy religious freedom,” said Kyle Duncan, general counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and lead lawyer for Hobby Lobby. “Right now, some courts recognize the rights of business owners like the Green family, and others do not. Religious freedom is too important to be left to chance. The Supreme Court should take this case and protect religious freedom for the Green family and Hobby Lobby.”

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Response: The Constitution bars Congress from making laws which restrict religious freedom. However, the Obama administration through executive orders and department regulations has gone ahead and violated the original spirit of the law by trying to force Christian businesses and religious institutions to pay for insurance that provide for contraceptives and abortifacients which are contrary to their religious beliefs.

There are already several hundred lawsuits in place initiated by religious institutions challenging the Constitutionality of the mandate. The Hobby Lobby case is particularly important since it is the religious freedom of Christian business owners which are at stake in their appeal.

The SCOTUS has been slow to take on controversial cases like this one but both parties have now requested a quick review. It really is a landmark case that will determine whether Christian business owners can expect their Constitutional rights to freedom of religion to continue to be extended to the way they run their businesses. If not than religious freedom in this generation is now restricted in ways that it never was before in America.            *Top

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