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-Catholics, Mormons, and Evangelicals May Go to Jail Together?

by Dr. D ~ October 23rd, 2013

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                                  (Dr. R. Albert Mohler: Wikipedia)

It has been a long time since people of faith have found themselves entertaining the ethics and possible reality of civil disobedience in America.

In my lifetime I can remember hundreds of clergy descending upon the South in the cause of civil rights in disobedience to the local authorities. Also over the years when there was a draft members from a number of different religious groups have refused military service as conscience objectors. Once more the possibility of civil disobedience is actively being raised among some very different religious groups in America.

Recently a major evangelical leader, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke at Brigham Young University (a Mormon institution) and suggested that in the near future they might all end up in jail together in spite of their very different theological views. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

TheBlaze has long covered religious freedom concerns and the coalescing of divergent faiths following furor over President Barack Obama’s controversial contraception mandate. Since the debate first erupted, Protestants, Catholics and Mormons — faith cohorts with very different theological views — have been speaking more intensely about the preservation of personal religious liberty.

Evidence of this ongoing dynamic was on full display Monday when R. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke at Brigham Young University, a Mormon college in Provo, Utah, according to Deseret News. While he openly admitted that Mormons and evangelicals disagree on many things, he warned that they “may go to jail together.”

During his address titled “A Clear and Present Danger: Religious Liberty, Marriage, and the Family in the Late Modern Age,” Mohler said that, despite profound differences, Mormons and evangelicals should be working toward common goals — mainly “unprecedented and ominous” attacks on freedom of religious expression.

“I do not believe that we are going to heaven together, but I do believe we may go to jail together,” Mohler told an audience of nearly 400 students and faculty. ”I do not mean to exaggerate, but we are living in the shadow of a great moral revolution that we commonly believe will have grave and devastating human consequences.”

In making this statement, Mohler was clearly referring to the notion that, despite disagreeing on theological grounds, people of divergent faiths who are willing to stand up for their beliefs could end up facing the same consequences.

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Response:  Most of America is not aware of the very real battle ahead for freedom of religion and conscience which has been brought on by the Obama administration’s Contraception Mandate. This is far more serious than many want to realize and Dr. Mohler is not exaggerating at all about the real possibilities of civil disobedience that could find many strange theological bedfellows in legal trouble together and maybe even in jail.

Mohler is as serious about this possibility as anyone can be. If the Southern Baptist Convention institutions like Mohler’s seminary lose their lawsuits to block implementation of the administration Mandate then you can expect R. Albert Mohler and the entire SBC leadership to be in the forefront of those religious leaders in America who would refuse to obey the administration and any legal judicial judgments against them.

The possible destruction of a number of religious institutions and jail time for disobedient religious leaders would be a very real possibility if the US Supreme Court ultimately rules in favor of the Obama administration on this issue. It would also be the end of any pretense of real freedom of religion in America. We live in interesting times?           *Top 

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