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-Study: American Jews Leaving Their Religion?

by Dr. D ~ October 2nd, 2013

When Christians turn way from their religion and join the growing ranks of agnostics and atheists in America they no longer are considered Christian. But what happens to the increasing number of American Jews that turn their backs on their traditional religion? Judaism is more than just a religion, it is also a genealogical family heritage with a unique identity and culture. This is the conundrum faced by an ever increasing number of Jews in America.


According to a recent study, Jewish Americans who claim no religious affiliation are on the rise in this generation particularly among the Millenniels. Here’s the story from CNN:

(CNN) – The number of nonreligious Jews is rising in the United States, with more than one in five saying they are not affiliated with a religion, according to a new survey.

While similar trends affect almost every American religion, Jewish leaders say the new survey spotlights several unique obstacles for the future of their faith.

The Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project says their study sought to explore the question, "What does being Jewish in America mean today?" The answer is quite complicated.

Just 15% of American Jews say that being Jewish is mainly a religious matter, according to Pew’s survey. By contrast, more than six in 10 say Jewishness is about culture, ancestry and identity.

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Response: This particular article is about American Jews but the same numbers are also playing out in the Christian community with nearly a third of the Millenniels leaving the religion they were raised in. At least among the Jewish folks there remains a strong tie to their cultural and family identity that remains whether they continue to be ‘religious’ or not.

With large numbers of Gen X and Millenniels leaving their religion, one wonders what America will be like in 20 years or so. What will replace the Judeo-Christian Biblical values and religion which has been at the foundation of the American culture before there was even a country? What will be the new basis of moral and ethical behavior within the dominant American culture of the future?             *Top

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