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-Syria: Sex for Jihad and Paradise

by Dr. D ~ September 26th, 2013

Muslim women on Büyükada island

              (Photo credit: oksidor)

We have posted on this subject before and every time I see another reference to it I am still shocked by the hypocrisy of it all. While hundreds of thousands of radical Muslims are in Syria fighting the regime of Assad, Mullahs around the Muslim world have issued fatwas of dispensation for women who would travel to the rebel camps and temporarily marry (for the day or less) and offer sexual relations to the rebel soldiers all in the cause of jihad and Allah.

The same teachers of Islam normally require and demand Muslim women to be fully clothed and only in the company of close relatives but see nothing wrong with a woman marrying and divorcing 50 or so jhadis in a week in order to take care of the needs of those fighters who are far away from home.

An assurance of Paradise is the supposed payment for those women who would do their part for the cause. However many are coming back home with far different ‘rewards.’  Some find themselves pregnant and many have ended up with all sorts of STD’s including the AIDS virus.

Here’s the most recent account from the Christian Post:

The sex jihad is back in the news. Last Thursday, during an address to the National Constituent Assembly, Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Bin Jeddo announced that Tunisian girls who had traveled to Syria to perform "sex jihad" had returned after being sexually "swapped between 20, 30, and 100 rebels and they come back bearing the fruit of sexual contacts [from pregnancies to diseases] in the name of sexual jihad and we are silent doing nothing and standing idle."

Several video interviews with Tunisian females who went to the sex jihad further testify to the veracity of this phenomenon.

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3 Responses to -Syria: Sex for Jihad and Paradise

  1. mark

    Don’t believe all you read on Answers for the faith. Here are some exerts from The Daily Beast: Various sources in Syria interviewed by The Daily Beast said they have never heard of such practices by Tunisians or women from any other countries. Officials with the Moroccan and the Egyptian foreign ministries said they have not heard of their own citizens following suit and, if true, don’t believe it will become a trend……“We believe this is propaganda,” said Maher Nana, the president of the Human Rights Alliance for Syria. “Maybe the Tunisians have some evidence but I think these are just some false claims from the interior minister that might be linked to a political agenda.” Besides which, doesn’t the fact that these alleged activities necessitate a brief marriage for justification add a non-salacious tenor to these couplings?

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  3. Dr. D

    While we are at it, don’t believe everything you read anywhere. All news reports are only as accurate as the sources.

    Sorry mark but the story has a number of sound sources that are far more reliable than the Daily Beast. This story was taken from the Christian Post which is very careful in checking their sources before posting. The Daily Mail in the UK also carried the story which originated from UPI sources and included some of the denials that you seem to trust.

    The origins of this story go back to Dec.2012 when a Saudi cleric issued the first recorded fatwa allowing these arrangements for the rebel soldiers. Since it has become controversial he apparently now denies his part in it though his original comments on youtube are still available for viewing.

    One thing for sure, there is propaganda on both sides of the Syrian conflict but a Tunisian interior minister talking to his own National Assembly and concerned about and referring to real people would seem to be more likely to be accurate than the self-serving denials of an actual propaganda arm of the rebels like the so-called ‘Human Rights Alliance for Syria.’

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