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-Jihad Against Christians Over the Weekend

by Dr. D ~ September 23rd, 2013


This last weekend was one of the bloodiest in memory as Islamists targeted Christians in two major terrorist events which could not be ignored even in this country.

Jihad in Kenya- 68 Killed:

At least 68 people were killed and over 175 wounded as Islamist radicals from Somalia attacked a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The Muslim radical reportedly targeted Christians and singled out non-Muslims allowing the Muslims to flee.  Read about it in the following articles:

Terrorists Target Christians in Nairobi Shopping Mall, Killing 68

Jihad in Kenya

In the Name of Islam


Christian Church Bombed in Pakistan- 78 Killed

Two suicide bombers blew up themselves outside of a church during a worship service with hundreds in attendance killing at least 78 in the process. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the terrorist event. Read about it in the following article:

Pakistan Church Bombing Kills 75 People

At least 78 killed in Pakistan church bombing


Meanwhile, the Boko Haram also continued their horrific attacks in Nigeria with a number of major acts of terrorism over this last week which went mostly unreported by the major Western media as usual.

Terrorism in Nigeria Kills at least 160

Not to be forgotten are the terrorist events in Nigeria this last week that have taken the lives of at least 160 people, mostly Christians. read about it in the following article:

Nigeria: at least 160 dead in terrorist related violence this week


Response: It has been a while since I posted about Muslim terrorist events around the world against Christians. The stories this weekend were just too huge to ignore with the bombing of a major church in Pakistan and the attack against non-Muslims- mostly Christians at a mall in Kenya. Hundreds were killed and wounded by Islamic Terrorists.

Meanwhile, the major media in America is constantly bending over backwards to reflect Islam in the best possible light. Usually they ignore terrorist events around the world or at the very least attempt to explain away their connection to Islam. However, the Kenya mall story and the Pakistan church bombing could not be ignored or explained away. But the Islamic terrorist events in Nigeria were easily by-passed as a story of on-going political strife in a divided country.

The Obama administration has spent a lot of time, effort and money reaching out to Muslims around the world and combating so-called Islamophobia in our own country. Events like these expose the truth about radical Islam and display the futility of covering it all up trying to minimalize the connection of normative Islam with violence and terrorism against Christians and non-Muslims. There are far too many involved to be considered as mere exceptions to the usual ‘religion of peace.’  Plus in this case 3 American Muslims were apparently involved in the Kenya attack.

This does not mean that there are not millions of peaceful Muslims that would like nothing better than to get along with everyone else. But there are far too many radical Islamists to just dismiss and ignore their real connection to the religion and traditional Islamic teaching. Especially since the more violent faction seems to be growing exponentially in many places around the globe even in Western countries that are trying to encourage and recognize a more moderate form of the Muslim religion.            *Top

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