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-California: Bill To Take Away Non-Profit Status From Boy Scouts is Defeated

by Dr. D ~ September 20th, 2013


A bill (SB 323) that would have taken away the non-profit tax status of Boy Scouts and other youth groups was narrowly defeated in the California Assembly. The bill would have required youth groups in California to include all genders including transgender and homosexual participants or lose their non-profit status.

It was directed specifically towards the Boy Scouts but was so broad that it could have affected little leagues, youth football teams, Bobby Soxers, and maybe even church sponsored groups, including daycares and schools. While the Boy Scouts now allow homosexual members they still deny them leadership positions and allow only boys (gender discrimination according to the bill) to participate in their programs and a required faith in God could have also been an issue. So they continued to be the major target of the bill.

We recently posted about the problems that this potential law would present for youth groups which according to the bill generally ‘discriminate’ on the basis of gender, ability, and or faith.

Here’s the story from the Washington Times:

California lawmakers declined Thursday to pass a bill to strip Boy Scouts of America and other “discriminatory” youth groups of their tax-exemption status.

The first-of-its-kind bill needed a supermajority of 54 votes to pass the California Assembly before its session ends Friday. But SB 323 was instead sent to the inactive file. The move ends its journey this year but permits it to be revived in 2014.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram said the measure lacked one vote.

Bill sponsor State Sen. Ricardo Lara could not be immediately be reached for comment.  … His bill would have prohibited youth-serving groups from getting tax-exempt status if they discriminated based on gender identity, sexual orientation, or in other ways.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Thanks goes to the Pacific Justice Institute for alerting Christian groups all across the state and for their diligence in defeating this albatross of a law. This was a dangerous bill since it was so broad that no one could completely predict the full  ramifications and uses if it were to be passed. It was far to vague in it’s language and would have subjected all sorts of youth organizations to legal problems, lawsuits, and complaints. The sponsor made it plain on a number of different occasions that Christian sponsored youth groups along with the Boy Scouts were that major targets of the bill.

Fortunately Christians all over the state stood up and contacted their representatives in Sacramento and blocked this insane legislation apparently by only one vote. If passed, it would have forced the Boy Scouts and little leagues to allow biological females to participate and even camp out with the boys merely because they might want to be a boy instead. Also girls soccer teams and bobby soxer softball groups might have been forced to allow boys to participate if challenged.

This is probably not the end of this bill and it will probably be introduced once more next year and the fight will start all over again. But for now we can celebrate.            *Top

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