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-Crystal Cathedral In Transition to Become a Roman Catholic Church

by Dr. D ~ September 13th, 2013

The exteriors of Crystal Cathedral. Garden Gro...

                                          (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Crystal Cathedral, an Orange County icon that rivals the fame of Disneyland and a site that was completely identifiable with sights and sounds of Robert Schuller’s television ministry, is now in transition to become the new home of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. From the LA Times:

The name has already been changed to the Christ Cathedral. But the work of liturgical consultants, priests and architects to transform a temple so closely identified as a symbol of Schuller’s sunny, uniquely Southern Californian theology into one that conforms to the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church has just begun.

"The exterior will always be the Crystal Cathedral, at least for a while," said Duncan Stroik, a professor of architecture at Notre Dame and editor of the publication Sacred Architecture Journal. "Catholic on the inside, but kind of Protestant on the outside."

Those who have taken on the project recognize that their assignment is a intimidating one, but they also have faith:

They can turn the Crystal Cathedral into the Christ Cathedral.

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Response: I love the new name of the place- Christ Cathedral. I am also happy that it will continue to be a Christian worship center rather than a college campus which was the viable alternative. However the transition is somewhat bitter sweet for our family in that it was a place where we traditionally went for Christmas Eve services and special pageants during the holidays.

Regardless of what you may have thought about Schuller’s ‘positive’ theology his church sponsored many incredible concerts and pageants during Easter and Christmas and it was a gathering place during those times for thousands of Orange County Christians.

During it’s heyday, the music was world class including some of the best Christian soloists in the world and it was a real treat to hear the large choir and the pipe organ which was among the largest instruments of its kind. The sound was unsurpassed and completely worshipful at the same time. 

Nevertheless, now it will become a new gathering place for the 1.3 million Catholics in our area and may God bless them and give them the same joy and awe that we experienced many times in that sacred place.            *Top

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