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-California Passes Bill to Allow Non-Citizens to Serve On Juries

by Dr. D ~ September 9th, 2013

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In California the lines between American citizens and others is intentionally being blurred and negated.

Already police department in most of the cities in the state ignore federal immigration laws and refuse to notify the ICE of any arrested illegal aliens in their custody. Then recently Gov. Brown sign a new bill into law (AB 817) , allowing legal non-citizen residents to serve as poll workers during elections.

Now a companion bill has just been passed that allows non-citizens (supposedly even those who do not speak English) to serve on Juries in the state. Here’s the story from OneNewsNow:

Recently the California Legislature passed AB 1401, a bill that will allow legal permanent residents of California to serve as jurors. The bill passed by a vote along party lines of 48 to 28.  …

The Los Angeles Times reports that more than three million legal permanent residents in California would be eligible for jury duty under AB 1401. 

Its sponsor claims the goal of the legislation is to make jury pools more inclusive. But opponents argue that allowing noncitizens to serve on juries threatens the integrity of our judicial system.

<Read the whole article>

Response: The next thing they are considering in Sacramento is whether to allow non-citizens to vote in state and local elections. This would further degrade the meaning of citizenship in the state.

Some of you in other states may now be laughing but remember most of the progressive legislation that ends up in your own state usually gets its start here in LALA land.

What do some of you lawyers who deal with juries all of the time think about this development?             *Top

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