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-New Video Game Training Girls to Get an Abortion?

by Dr. D ~ September 5th, 2013

Future events marker for video games

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A new video game scheduled to be released in 2014 is called "Choice: Texas, A Very Serious Game." The game is designed to train young women in Texas how to overcome local obstacles in the process of killing one’s baby.

One of the developers even hopes that the new video will be used as a tool in high school sex education classes.

Here’s a game description:

"Players will explore the game through one of several characters, each of whom reflects specific socioeconomic, geographic, and demographic factors impacting abortion access in Texas. Although billed as interactive fiction, Choice: Texas is based on extensive research into healthcare access, legal restrictions, geography, and demographics, and is reflective of the real circumstances facing women in the state."

<Read the whole article>

Response: A real ‘sign of the times’ and a demonstration of the changing culture in America.  In the game the abortion providers and facilitators will be called ‘good’ while those who are standing up for ‘life’ are the evil ones to be overcome? A real example of a culture tending towards designating that which is good as evil and evil as good. Perilous times are ahead for America if this trend continues. 

"Woe to those who call  evil good, and good evil;

                who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;"

                (Isaiah 5:20)


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1 Response to -New Video Game Training Girls to Get an Abortion?

  1. Brian

    This will likely be released as an Apple App.

    Note that this is the same Apple that bans Christian (actually, evangelical Christian) material:



    The secular left has now completely dominated all aspects of mass media/mass marketing and will not allow any dissenting voices.

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