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-UCLA Bans Use of Term- ‘Illegal Immigrant’

by Dr. D ~ September 3rd, 2013

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The UCLA student government recently passed a unanimous resolution banning ‘free speech’ on campus. Well not exactly but their action was tantamount to the same thing.

The UCLA Undergraduate Students Association banned the use of the term- ‘illegal immigrant’ on their campus. Here’s the story from the Daily Caller:

The student government at UCLA unanimously resolved to call for the eradication of the phrase “illegal immigrant,” reports Campus Reform.

The UCLA Undergraduate Students Association wants the term “illegal immigrant” banned because, its members say, the phrase is a violation of the human rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.  …

The resolution flatly states that “illegal immigrant” is “racially derogatory language.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: Obviously the truth no longer matters when conversing about controversial topics like ‘illegal immigration.’ How the use of that term is actually ‘racist’ when that designation potentially covers folks from every race, religion, and country of origin.

Apparently free speech and competing ideas are so longer welcome on the UCLA campus. Conservatives thinkers increasingly find that they are no longer welcome on many of the major colleges and universities across America. In my generation college students fought for ‘free speech’ and the open sharing of ideas. Now the only kind of ‘free speech’ that is still welcome on many campuses like UCLA is the continual dissemination of progressive and politically correct ideas and ideals. Competing truth and conservative speech is longer welcome particularly when it comes to the issue of immigration and the current US immigration laws on the UCLA campus.           *Top

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