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-Re: New Mexico Supreme Court Decision Trumping Religious Liberty

by Dr. D ~ August 27th, 2013

New Mexico Supreme Court

       (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We posted Friday about the disturbing New Mexico Supreme Court decision that in affect ruled that Gay and LGBT rights trumped religious liberty in that state.

This was an incredible decision demonstrating how the future may play out across America in other states that include and insert Gay and LGBT rights into existing laws concerning civil rights and prohibiting discrimination. In the process this may set up situations under which conservative Christians could be lawfully discriminated against and their religious liberties, conscience, and freedoms limited. Here are several other very good takes on this important development:

-From the Baptist Press:

N.M. court reflects culture’s ‘seismic shift’ to sexuality-based ‘state-established religion’

The article questions whether subordinating religious liberty and making it inferior, to the sexual orientation isn’t really tantamount to establishing a ‘sexuality-based state religion.’

-Another article which is quoted in the first is from Dr. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

““It is the Price of Citizenship”?—An Elegy for Religious Liberty in America

Dr. Mohler is one of the most able conservative thinkers in America when it comes to the Christian church and American culture. Here’s a couple of thoughts from his article:

So the price of citizenship is the denial of religious liberty when the Christian convictions of this couple run into a head-on collision with the “contrasting values” of others. This is a “compromise” that requires the Huguenins to give up their convictions or go out of business. What does the “compromise” require of those who push for the normalization of same-sex relationships and the legalization of same-sex marriage? Nothing.

Some compromise.

…The New Mexico Supreme Court has now made clear that the price to be paid by many is the forfeiture of their religious liberty.

Response: This is a watershed case that needs to receive attention from Christians who love liberty all across America.

Those of you living in states that do not presently sanction same–sex marriage or unions should not be comfortable that this same reasoning might not touch you in your own state. After all, one of the most incredible facts about this case that is mostly ignored is that the state of New Mexico does not currently allow for same-sex marriages or unions and yet these photographers have lost a legal case for refusing to document and pictorially record an ‘unofficial’ commitment ceremony.

We will post any updates to this case which does seem eventually destined for the US Supreme Court. Meanwhile, I submit the two article above for your serious consideration.         *Top

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1 Response to -Re: New Mexico Supreme Court Decision Trumping Religious Liberty

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