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-Department of Defense: Founding Fathers Were ‘Extremists’

by Dr. D ~ August 26th, 2013

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According to President Obama’s Department of Defense, the Founding Fathers of this nation were ‘extremists.’

In a training manual for combating ‘radical’ ideology in the US military, the 18th century colonists that fought the British for their freedom are named as purveyors of radical ideas that should not be tolerated in today’s military. Meanwhile there is no mention of Islam extremism. From The Daily Caller:

A Department of Defense teaching guide meant to fight extremism advises students that rather than “dressing in sheets” modern-day radicals “will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place,” and describes 18th-century American patriots seeking freedom from the British as belonging to “extremist ideologies.”

The guide comes from documents obtained by Judicial Watch and is authored by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, a DoD-funded diversity training center.  …

In a statement, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton slammed the Department of Defense documents for what he described as their bias against conservatives.

“The Obama administration has a nasty habit of equating basic conservative values with terrorism. And now, in a document full of claptrap, its Defense Department suggests that the Founding Fathers, and many conservative Americans, would not be welcome in today’s military,” said Fitton. ”And it is striking that some the language in this new document echoes the IRS targeting language of conservative and Tea Party investigations. After reviewing this document, one can’t help but worry for the future and morale of our nation’s armed forces.”

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Response: Another example of everything being turned upside down by this administration.

The current leaders of the DoD do seem to be intent on changing the US military. Christians in the military seem to have been targeted lately and now this manual suggests that traditional conservative ideals are also not welcome in the ‘new’ military?

One problem with all of these changes- most of the Americans who sign up for the US military in the first place are conservative and many are Christian as well. If these changes continue and Christians and conservative Americans are discouraged from careers in the US military, what will our armed forces be like in 10 years or so and will this ‘new’ army actually be able to protect us from the ‘real’ radicals that want to destroy our country and civilization?             *Top

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3 Responses to -Department of Defense: Founding Fathers Were ‘Extremists’

  1. Brian

    Here is the link to the original document:


    Page 41 states that any group that assumes it has a “special relationship with God” is extremist. Likewise, on the same page, any group interested in “doomsday” (i.e. End Times”) is extremist.

    On page 42 any group that believes it is ordained by God or looked upon favorably by God is extremist.

    on page 43, nationalism is seen as an extremist ideology, as is separatism (separating yourself from society due, among other things, to religious beliefs) as is any religion”which is intolerant to other religions”.

    Christians, and especially evangelical Christians, are not overtly mentioned (except that there is a negative express mention of Seventh Day Adventists once in the text), but Christians would seems to violate each of these criteria for being extremist

  2. We The People | beenetworknews

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  3. Dr. D

    Thanks Brian for the analysis of the original document.
    Even more scary for Christians than originally presented. This definitely goes along with the new developing policy that seems to be targeting conservative Christians.

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