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-Egypt: Coptic Pope Blasts US and European Response and Western Media’s Coverage of the Violence

by Dr. D ~ August 20th, 2013


                Pope Tawadros II

Coptic Pope Tawadros II has issued a statement concerning the violence perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood throughout Egypt and condemning the responses of the Western governments including the US and the distorted coverage by the Western Media. From ASSIST News Service (ANS):

…The Pope said the Church is on “the side of Egyptian law, the armed forces and all the Egyptian civil institutions when it comes to confronting violent armed organizations and terrorizing forces, either within the country or from abroad.”

The Pope pointed out the need to look beyond the squares where the Muslim Brotherhood have been holding their protests, in order to gain a general overview of what has been happening for weeks in Egypt.

… “The attacks on government buildings and peaceful churches terrorize everyone, whether they be Copts or Muslims. These actions go against any religion, any moral code and any sense of humanity.”

The Coptic Church also criticized the way in which the crisis is reported outside of Egypt. It expressly speaks of “false broadcasts by Western media,” and urged for an “objective” revision to be made of the descriptions given to the actions of those “blood-thirsty radical organizations.”

The Coptic Orthodox Church said that “instead of legitimizing them with global support and political coverage while they are trying to wreak havoc and destruction upon our beloved land, report all events truthfully and accurately.”

Pope Tawadros reaffirmed his support for “national unity,” and rejected any form of “international interference in our internal affairs.”

The views of the Coptic church are also held by Copts in general, who are angry with the US and EU powers, “who almost daily issue statements threatening to take further actions against our interim government and army, portraying the Muslim Brotherhood as victims while not even mentioning the destruction of over 80 churches, as well monasteries, orphanages, businesses and Coptic schools by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

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Response: So from a Coptic Christian perspective, the media coverage has been biased and the Western governments have ignored what has been happening to the Christians in the process. Hopefully this will open the eyes of some in the West though the Coptic Pope’s statement has received little or no real coverage.

Friday we published a list of churches and Christian institutions in Egypt that had been attacked up to that point by the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Muslim groups. The violence continues in that country and the Western media seems to be content to only cover the political conflicts going on in the major cities and continues to ignore what is happening to churches and Christian buildings and businesses all over the country.

Meanwhile our representatives in Congress are debating whether to continue helping the current government of Egypt or whether to shut them out completely. Unfortunately most of the prevailing attitudes towards the interim government may be based upon incomplete and faulty media coverage. Christians should contact their representatives and encourage them to seek out the complete story of what is really happening in Egypt before making decisions that could change history and the balance of power in the region.            *Top

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