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-Time Glorifies the ‘Childfree Life’?

by Dr. D ~ August 12th, 2013


The traditional American family which used to be the building block of our great nation seems to be under assault on many different sides in this generation. Not only are many trying to re-define ‘family’ as merely a bunch of folks who live together for some reason or another, but now it is becoming popular for couples to choose to live a ‘childfree life’ that does not include the having or raising of children. The most recent issues of TIME magazine explores that option and some might say it even glorifies that choice.

We have already seen this choice prevailing among the traditional population in many countries of Europe where there is now an actual concern whether the traditional languages and cultures will even carry on for another generation since most of the increase is taking place among immigrant families with a different language, culture and religion. Some are even concerned that the Vatican may become an island of Christianity in the midst of a Muslim Italy within 25 years or so.

In our own country the demographics indicate that immigrant Latino families are far more prolific in in their birth rate than the rest of the population. They are also more oriented toward traditional family values. In the future if the increase continues, the United States could become a country with two prevailing languages like Canada plus the Catholic Church could become much larger as compared with the major Protestant denominations. So changes are coming on many different fronts.

The bottom line is that most of these different ‘family’ choices are not coming from the conservative Christian community in America which still holds traditional family values. The TIME article merely accentuates the growing departure of the American culture from normative Biblical Christianity.            *Top

Here’s an article from LifeSiteNews on this same issue: “TIME Magazine asks: who needs kids, anyway?

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