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-Encouraging: Poll Shows Majority Support Religious Liberty for Businesses

by Dr. D ~ July 25th, 2013

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A poll taken by Rasmussen shows that the vast majority of Americans still support religious liberty for businesses. Here’s the story from World Mag News:

While support for same-sex marriage seems to advance on every front, freedom of religion and association still carries weight in American public opinion, according to a recent Rasmussen Poll

The poll asked participants, “Suppose a Christian wedding photographer has deeply held religious beliefs opposing same-sex marriage. If asked to work a same-sex wedding ceremony, should that wedding photographer have the right to say no?” The Christian Broadcasting Network reported that 85 percent of respondents said the Christian should have the right to refuse service, and only 8 percent disagreed. 

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Response: This is an encouraging poll and shows that regular Americans really do get it when it comes to the real threats against religious liberty in our country.

However most of the greatest battles against religious freedom and liberty are currently being fought against local and federal government officials and bureaucrats with judges which lean towards the secular side bringing decisions that could change America forever. There are already quite a few cases pending which could affect our religious liberty particularly that of business owners.

This is a good time to make our opinions known to those representing us both locally and in Washington. New protections need to be in place to protect religious freedom and conscience in the workplace and in businesses. Otherwise the time may come when conservative Christians can no longer own and operate certain businesses without compromising their religious principles and conscience.            *Top

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