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-Atheists Protest Star of David at Holocaust Memorial?

by Dr. D ~ July 19th, 2013


An atheist activist group (FFRF) is opposing the inclusion of a Star of David in the design of a new Holocaust memorial at the Statehouse in Ohio. Here’s the story:

The Freedom from Religion Foundation wants the proposed Statehouse Holocaust memorial changed by removing what it sees as the Jewish religious symbolism of the Star of David.

In a June 14 letter to Richard H. Finan, chairman of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, two foundation officials said they have no objections to a Holocaust memorial at the Statehouse. However, architect Daniel Libeskind’s design includes a cut-out version of a 6-pointed star, usually interpreted as the Star of David, a symbol associated with Judaism.

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Response: It is hard to envision a Holocaust Memorial without a Star of David. The FFRF rightly asserts that millions of folks besides Jews were killed by the Nazis but the vast majority were Jews. After all, the gas chambers were not designed to kill gypsies. It is impossible to separate the Jews from the Holocaust that killed 6 million of their people who had one thing in common- Judaism their religion. The Star of David appropriately represents both the religious and historical heritage of that people.

To try and separate 6 million dead Jews from their religion is offensive and an attempt to change history and borders on anti-Semitism and holocaust denial. Not only that, one can be rather confident that Hitler himself would be pleased if the FFRF were successful in their attempt to eliminate any symbol or reference to Judaism. That was his goal after all.

Also, I disagree with the FFRF that the Constitution demands religion to be eliminated from the public square. Nor do I believe that it forces us to take religious references out of historical contexts where religion played a major part. It is tantamount to rewriting history and ignoring the facts and the truth.           *Top

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1 Response to -Atheists Protest Star of David at Holocaust Memorial?

  1. Brian

    As I have previously opined, ultimately there will be a demand that all religious-related inscriptions or symbols be removed from headstones in public cemeteries. If FFRF can get Jewish references removed from a Holocaust memorial, then we are not far from the day when all cemeteries will be under attack.

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