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-Dubai: Norwegian Woman is Raped Then Gets Prison for Illicit Sex

by Dr. D ~ July 18th, 2013

Nightscape of the high-rise section of Dubai, ...

                        (Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Wikipedia)

Dubai has become a popular business and vacation destination for Europeans and wealthy Americans but many do not realize that their legal system in that very modern looking country is based upon medieval Muslim sharia law.

We reported on a case earlier this year where an Australian woman was raped in Dubai and then received a jail sentence for having illicit sexual relations. 

If a woman is raped under sharia law it is considered to be her fault since she was obviously not with her husband or a close male relative which is mandatory under sharia. That makes rape of an unescorted women nearly legal since the male rapists are rarely charged or if so they receive only light sentences at best. But not only that, the woman victim can be charged with violating the law for having illicit sexual relations if raped and she can end up receiving a lengthy jail sentence. That is exactly what happened in the previous case above and now it has happened again to a Norwegian tourist. From The Blaze:

A Norwegian woman was sentenced to a year and four months in jail after reporting to authorities in Dubai that she was raped. Under the local Sharia-compliant justice system, sex outside of marriage is legally punishable, and according to media accounts in Norway, the woman’s attacker was given a shorter sentence than hers.

Norway’s News in English reports that the 25-year-old traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in March, a trip that ended up becoming a “nightmare.” After reporting the rape to local authorities, the woman was then jailed herself for extramarital sex and for drinking alcohol, both forbidden under Islamic law.

<Read the whole story>

Response: Another one of those incredible stories that boggles the mind and points out the huge cultural disconnect and clash between Western societies and Islamic nations.

Cases like this should affect business in Dubai and other places that still hold to Sharia law but most of the time they go unreported in the Western press.  Vacationers and business folks are left ignorant of the possible dangers that they could face in Muslim dominated countries like Dubai or Saudi Arabia which is another country where guests have found themselves imbued in similar nightmare situations.             *Top

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