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-Baton Rouge: Sunday School Back in The Park

by Dr. D ~ July 16th, 2013


(Voice of Mercy ministries –via Facebook)

City officials banned the religious use of parks in Baton Rouge, Louisiana kicking out a ministry that was using public land to conduct a Sunday School for homeless and at-rick children. The ADF took up the case and now the ministry is back in the park demonstrating that we still have a least a modicum of religious freedom in America. Here’s the story from World Mag:

A sidewalk Sunday school program for at-risk children will return to a Baton Rouge, La., park after the city abandoned plans to ban all religious groups from the public space. After the park commission adopted the ban, lawyers with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed suit on behalf of Voice of Mercy ministries (VOM), noting the rule was an unconstitutional breach of religious freedom.

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Response: Cities and government institutions all across America are challenging religious liberty on a number of different fronts. Free religious speech on public property is one of those areas currently being called into question by atheist groups and has caused many city administrators to be proactive in kicking any form or reference to religion off of public property.

However we still have a Constitution and the first amendment is still in force in this country. Christians need to be valiant in pushing back and in demanding that their rights for free speech and religious liberty continue to be respected. There are several legal groups that can help in the process including the ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom) as in this case and the PJI ( Pacific Justice Institute).           *Top

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