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-New Christian Scouting Group for Boys

by Dr. D ~ July 10th, 2013

History of the Boy Scouts of America

                               (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Already in the works is an alternative Christian scouting organization to replace the Boys Scouts for those who are concerned about it’s new direction since gays were approved for membership. Here’s the story from Citizen Link:

The creation of a character-based youth organization for boys was announced today. While the group does not have a name yet, organizers say it will focus on training young men to honor God, serve others and mirror a Christian worldview. 

More than 60 percent of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) National Council members passed a resolution in May changing the group’s policy. Starting Jan. 1, openly gay youth will be allowed to join.

John Stemberger, of OnMyHonor.Net, said the BSA’s decision led to the formation of the organization.

“We’re acting on behalf of tens of thousands of parents and supporters who have directly contacted various members of this coalition,” he said. “We have direct communication from over 30,000 leaders, parents and people within the scouting movement who have specifically said, ‘We want to be involved.’”

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Response: It really is time for a viable Christian alternative to be formed. For a long time I supported the Boy Scouts in their efforts to maintain their traditions in the face of tremendous opposition and pressure. During that time I continually suggested that those who wanted to make changes in scouting should start their own group that conformed with their own vision. Now it seems like those who want to maintain the original historical Christian morals, visions, and mission of the traditional Boy Scouts may have to be the ones who form a new organization out of leaders from the old one.

It is really a shame that a fine organization with a long history like the Boys Scouts has come to this but it may be time for Christians to begin to part ways with the group. The future does not look to be all that promising since the organization is under a great deal of pressure to make PC changes that conform with the progressive liberal direction of the American culture.

While admitting homosexual members is a real problem, the organization is also under a huge amount of pressure to allow for gay leaders and even worse, to take ‘God’ completely out of it. Either one of those later changes would probably mean the death of the Boy Scouts as far as Christians and churches are concerned.              *Top

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1 Response to -New Christian Scouting Group for Boys

  1. Tony

    Why not just go with Royal Rangers. Program is used by more than 90 different denominations.

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