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-Crosses are Now Offensive in America?

by Dr. D ~ July 8th, 2013


Image source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Are crosses now ‘offensive’ in America no matter where they are at? It now seems to be politically correct to put crosses in the proverbial ‘cross-hairs’ wherever they may be publically displayed.

We recently wrote about a university student that was required to take her cross necklace off because it might ‘offend ‘ others on campus. Now here is a case of a tiny cross written in the dirt on private property that has become a national story because it supposedly offends some folks?

The cross and the #6 on the pitching mound in Busch Stadium (which is privately owned by the St. Luis Cardinal Baseball club) was actually a tribute to a fine Christian gentleman named Stan Musial who passed away recently and was one of the all-time baseball legends of Cardinal history. Nevertheless a fan complained about it recently and asked that it be removed.

The story should have ended there since it was on private property but just this week the Cardinal General manager ordered the tribute to be removed in order not to offend. However, in the process to be PC correct for a couple of people he has ended up offending millions of Christians all around the country.

My question is this- Is this where we are headed in America? In the future will crosses be allowed to be displayed in public only on official houses of worship? I can tell you that even now in most cities and towns across America there are rules in place that restrict the size and placement of crosses even on church property.            *Top

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