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-Egypt: MSM Refuses to Show Protests of Obama

by Dr. D ~ July 4th, 2013


The anti-Morsi protests in Egypt have been called the largest in human history with nearly 17 million people participating. But what the American MSM (main stream media) refuses to show us is the incredible number of signs also protesting President Obama who they blame for continuing to support Morsi and his restrictive Islamic regime. Here’s the story from PJ Media:

The White House has had no comment since what’s being called the largest protest in human history demanded the end of Mohamed Morsi’s regime.

Estimates for the Sunday “Tamarod” protests across Egypt reach as high as 17 million. Sixteen were killed and 781 were injured, according to the country’s health ministry, in clashes; the Muslim Brotherhood unleashed its armed squad of supporters into the opposition crowd to sexually assault people, multiple reports said.

Many protesters held signs decrying President Obama and U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood government.

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Response: This is another case where our media has ‘protected’ us from the truth especially since it reflected badly on President Obama. Meanwhile, the truth is that millions of Egyptian’s are blaming Obama for his continued support of the Morsi regime.

Our media seems incredulous to why the Egyptians would overturn their duly elected government and actually celebrate a military coup.  Fact is, the American MSM doesn’t seem to want to face the truth about Morsi. During his election he promised to bring more liberty and freedom to the Egyptians but once in power he has done the exact opposite by trying to establish a new Constitution with restrictive Islamic Sharia law instead.

All of this calls into question why President Obama would continue to support him in those efforts. Particularly since Coptic Christians have received little or no protection and far more persecution under Morsi’s regime than they ever had under Mubarak. Nevertheless, the Obama administration has continued its monetary and military support of the regime.          *Top

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