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-Most Americans Say U.S. Would Be Better Off if More Were Religious

by Dr. D ~ May 31st, 2013

America has long been considered the most religious nation in the West. However in this generation the influence of religion in the USA seems to be in decline. Actually, many of the Biblical values which used to be at the foundation of American culture in the mid 20th century are in the process of being challenged, assailed, and even dismissed in the opening decades of the 21st.

According to a recent Gallup poll, over 77% of American believe that religion is losing its influence on American life:



However, the most interesting and hopeful stat from this research indicates:

The majority (75%) believe that America would be better off if more Americans were religious.

Response: It is a real positive that 75% of Americans believe that society would be better off if more Americans were religious. It shows that the big push by secularists and atheists to take religion out of the public square is clearly not supported by the majority.

However from my perspective it really does matter what religion we are talking about if we hope that more religious folks would actually be helpful to our society.  I totally agree if it is some form of Christianity or Judaism. But an increase of some religions in America, like Islam, could end up changing our way of life and challenging our very freedoms and Constitutional form of government.

Here’s another perspective on this same poll in the Christian Post: “Is Religion Losing Influence in America?”            *Top

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