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-Responses to the Boy Scout’s Decision to Allow Homosexuals

by Dr. D ~ May 24th, 2013

History of the Boy Scouts of America

                        (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The responses to the Boy Scout’s decision to allow open homosexuals to be members has drawn a variety of responses. From religious groups particularly evangelicals it has been mostly negative along with a few groups who want to take consider their options and organizational responses to the new rules.

A few months ago they were considering a change that would allow different troops to decide for themselves whether to allow homosexual members or not. Now churches and religious groups are left to decide whether they can work with the new rules or not considering their own doctrinal  stances. Some have already declared that they would no longer sponsor Scout troops but turn to forming alternate youth groups. Others like the Mormon Church (LDS) are on board with the new change.

An article from OneNewsNow includes a number of initial responses from Christian groups:

Family groups on Boy Scouts’ vote: Expect a mass exodus

In an article in the Baptist Press, the response within the Southern Baptist Convention has been rather negative to the news as would be expected:

Boy Scouts overturn ban on gay members

The following article from Christianity Today speculates that new policy will result in the growth of alternative Christian youth groups:

Boy Scouts’ Membership Change May Grow Christian Youth Clubs

Response: This is just the beginning. The LGBT activists will not back down nor will they be completely happy until the Boy Scout’s allow openly gay leaders. Not only that but politically there is the push to drop the non-profit no- tax status of any and all youth groups which maintain a no homosexual rule for members. This is already happening in California and is next on the agenda in many state legislatures across America. Religious organizations of all kinds even churches themselves are next on the PC hit list.

The tide has now turned in America and from here on out there will be tremendous pressure on any group, even churches, who maintain any kind of teaching or rule against homosexuals.  Freedom of religion itself, when it comes to homosexuality, could well be under assault in the future.          *Top

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