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-Supreme Court to Revisit Church-State Prayer Issues

by Dr. D ~ May 21st, 2013

U.S. Supreme Court building.

                                   (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Local town and county counsels plus state legislatures all across America have begun their meetings with prayer for over 200 years. The US Congress and the Senate still does but in this generation it has become an issue.

The last time the US Supreme Court visited this issue they ruled that it was not a violation:

"to invoke divine guidance on a public body entrusted with making laws" did not violate the 1st Amendment’s prohibition on an "establishment of religion."

Nevertheless, since several courts of appeals have recently ruled that it is a violation of the first amendment so the current US Supreme Court will take up the issue once more and deal with it in the Fall.

Response: It seems incredible that this would be a Constitutional issue after more than 200 years. Particularly since the very sessions that produced the writing of that very document began with prayer and at times of major impasse the convention actually took time out to seek Divine guidance. But now in this generation there is a question of whether prayer in the public is even Constitutional? The framers and writers of the Constitution by their very actions demonstrated that it was.

However, it no longer seems to matter what the original framers really meant or intended. So the activists that would like to take religion out of the public square continue the battle in the courts and find judges that are willing to change the very words of the Constitution and stand it on it’s ear to mean something entirely different than originally intended or commonly understood 200 years ago.

How the current court will rule in this area is really up for grabs and Christians should begin praying for the court over this issue while there is still day. The Court indicated that it would hear this case in the Fall.

In the future we may wake up in an America where it is only legal to exercise religious freedom within the four walls of a place of worship. That is what some folks in America are pushing for including Obama’s DOJ in many instances. Something that is far and away from the America that the founders lived in and originally intended.             *Top 

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